Omnipollo Meret Double Blackberry Smoothie Sour Ale (330ml)

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Style: Sour / Wild Beer
Brewed for: Omnipollo (Stockholm, Sweden)
Brewed by: De Proefbrouwerij
ABV: 3.5%

Double Blackberry Smoothie Sour. Smoothie inspired sour brewed with lots of blackberries and lactose sugar. Generous in flavour, moderate in hangover.

欧米尼珀罗 梅雷特 双倍黑莓 奶昔酸艾尔
这款Meret双倍黑莓 奶昔酸艾尔加入了双倍量的黑莓酿造,酒体呈红棕色,泡沫丰富持久,黑莓风味浓郁,口感如奶昔般细腻顺滑。3.5%的酒精度非常友好。