Omnipollo Jean In a Bottle Milkshake IPA (330ml)

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Style: Imperial IPA
Brewed for: Omnipollo (Stockholm, Sweden)
Brewed at Dugges Bryggeri in Sweden
ABV: 9%

Jean Broillet of Tired Hands has always been a dear friend and inspiration to us ever since we first started brewing Milkshake IPAs with them. We brewed this lactose free, vegan Milkshake IPA with an extra dose vanilla in his honor.

欧米尼珀罗 瓶中吉恩 奶昔IPA
自从我们开始与累手酒厂(Tired Hands)合作酿造奶昔IPA以来,Jean Broillet一直是我们的挚爱和灵感之源。为了纪念他,我们酿造了这款不含乳糖、纯素食的奶昔IPA,在酿造过程中加入了额外剂量的香草。