Omnipollo Double Noises IPA (330ml)

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Style: IPA
Brewed for: Omnipollo (Stockholm, Sweden)
ABV: 7.5%

We were so happy with Noises, our pale ale full of Simcoe and Mosaic hops that we decided to up the amount of hops and turn it into a 7.5 % IPA.

欧米尼珀罗 双倍噪音 IPA
我们对原来的使用了大量西姆科(Simcoe)和马赛克(Mosaic)啤酒花酿造的Noises Pale Ale感到非常满意,所以这次决定增加啤酒花的数量,并将其转变为7.5%酒精度的IPA。