Omnipollo Cleo Lobster Roll IPA (330ml)

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Style: IPA
Brewed by: Omnipollo (Stockholm, Sweden)
ABV: 7.3

This double dry-hopped lobster roll IPA was first brewed in Gothenburg to premiere our bar, Omnipollos Gothenburg and its seafood leaning menu. It is an exploration of texture, decidedly nautical. Drink fresh.

欧米尼珀罗 克莱奥 新英格兰IPA
这款Cleo NE IPA由瑞典的Dugges酒厂代工酿造,加入了真正的小龙虾,酒体呈浑浊的橙黄色,拥有着迷人的柑橘味、菠萝味、香草味、芒果味和松脂味,口感甜美顺滑。