Offshoot Beer Co. Cross My Heart NEIPA (473ml)

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Style: NEIPA
Brewed by: Offshoot Beer Co. (Placentia, California, United States)
ABV: 6.5%

Hazy IPA with tropical and citrusy notes from Mosaic, Simcoe, Vic's Secret and Crystal hops. Brewed with Pearl Malt, Carafoam and 2 Row malt and fermented with London III.

分支 穿过我的心 新英格兰IPA
这款新英格兰IPA在酿造时投入了马赛克(Mosaic)、西姆科(Simcoe)、维克秘密(Vic's Secret)和水晶(Crystal)啤酒花,带来了浓郁的热带水果和柑橘的香气。使用珍珠麦芽、加利佛尼亚麦芽和2棱麦芽酿造而成,并且选用伦敦3号酵母进行发酵。