North Brewing x Brick Honeyberry Imperial Stout (440ml)

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Style: Stout
Brewed by: North Brewing Co
ABV: 9%

Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Brick Brewery, London. Following on from our first collaboration with Brick Brewery ‘In Nonsense is Strength’ we started with Honeyberry. We then got to work thinking of what kind of beer we could work it into. An all time classic beer is Titanic’s Plum Porter, so here we are, turning it up and presenting you with a big Honeyberry Stout.

A spread of specialty malts made up of Extra Pale, Black, Chocolate, Brown, Crystal, Special B, Roast Wheat, Munich and Naked Oats create a base full of chewy toffee, delicate coffee and chocolate flavours. It’s rich and robust, but cutting through the middle and surrounding your pallet comes Honeyberry with it's rounded, sumptuous nectar notes and juicy blueberry flavours. That roasty base then comes back and settles down with the fruits for a lasting finish.