North Brewing Stillwater New Sensation IPA (440ml)

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Style: IPA
Brewed by: North Brewing Co
ABV: 6.9%

International Pale Ale is our take on the ever-popular IPA style that expands the concept to implore technique and ingredients from around the world. A lush blend of English malts and flaked grains are heavily hopped with varietals from the US (Citra), NZ (Nelson & Moteuka) & DE (Hallertau Blanc) all forged together by Norwegian farmhouse yeast.

静水 新感觉 IPA
对于这款IPA,我们基于使用了原料和工艺,把它翻译为“国际淡色艾尔”。欧洲麦芽、本地谷物片和斯堪的纳维亚的Kveik酵母融合,并且使用了美国的西楚(Citra)、萨布罗(Sabro)、德国哈勒陶布兰克(Hallertau Blanc)和澳大利亚银河(Galaxy)四种啤酒花进行干投,充满了柑橘、椰子、白葡萄和花香气息。