North Brewing Lost Cosmonauts DDH IPA (440ml)

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Style: DDH IPA
Brewed by: North Brewing Co
ABV: 6%

Lost Cosmonauts is a hazy, hoppy IPA that epitomises everything that we love about beer. It’s hopped with Mosaic and Equanot, and has piney aromas, tropical, stone fruit flavours and is very drinkable!

北酿 迷失宇航员 双倍干投IPA
这款Lost Cosmonauts DDH IPA使用了马赛克(Mosaic)和艾库瓦诺(Equanot)两种啤酒花进行两次干投,是我们对啤酒热爱的缩影,带有松木的芳香,以及热带水果和核果的味道,非常易饮!