Temple New World Order Stout (330ml)

by Temple
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Style: Stout
Brewed by: Temple Brewery & Brasserie (Brunswick East, VIC, Australia)
ABV: 6.5% / IBU: 48.0

Our New World Order is blacker than the night and has a dense, fluffy and creamy head with an aroma of molasses, tobacco and fresh berries. It has a full-bodied palate with roasted malt and coffee notes, followed by the distinctive spicy, and earthy citrus flavors from the American hops added in the whirlpool.

神庙 新世界秩序 世涛
新时空美式世涛,酒花苦味重,色泽深褐,有明显的焦香麦芽味,口感偏干而醇,泡沬好。有绵密如奶油般的泡沬,并散发着糖蜜、烟草和新鲜莓果的香气。这样一款带来特殊体验的世涛仿若宣告了新时代的降临.。这款啤酒在201 7年的澳大利亚国际啤酒大奖中获得了世涛啤酒金奖。