Moon Dog Mack Daddy Dark Ale (330ml)

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Style: Brown Ale
Brewed by: Moon Dog Craft Brewery, Abbotsford, Australia
ABV: 5.0% / IBU: 14

Back, crack'n'sack the mack Is back and this mack don't lack! This delicious Dark Ale has got a smooth and sensual maltiness and a wallop of hoppy melony hoppiness. Enjoy!
Hops: Crysal. Malt: Ale Malt, Munich, Carafa. Yeast: American Ale.

月亮狗 万人迷
Mack Daddy 是澳大利亚Moon Dog的一款新酒,酒花风味浓郁,带有巧克力和咖啡的风味。