Master Gao Baby IPA 高大师婴儿肥 IPA (330ml)

Style: IPA
Brewed by: Master Gao Brewing Co. of Nanjing
ABV: 5.4% / IBU: 26

The first bottled craft beer in China, it created a new commercial model for China’s independent craft beer movement, thus, a legend. It has subtle caramel & orange flavours, with a deep amber colour

高大师 婴儿肥 IPA
每个人都曾经是一个粉嫩的小胖子,婴儿肥不是肥,是生命的开始和上升的积累,无论你将走向哪里,婴儿肥都将是你的起点 ,一生值得你回味。