Master Cup 10th Anniversary Chinese Style Barley Wine 大师杯拾中式大麦烈酒 (390ml)


Style: Barleywine
Brewed by: Master Gao Brewing Co. of Nanjing
ABV: 10.0% / IBU: N/A

For the 10th anniversary commemorative wine of the Master Cup, we used Ruoqiang ash jujube from Xinjiang, Zhongning wolfberry from Ningxia, longan honey from Taiwan Island, and ginger hibiscus flower. The final finished wine has an original wort concentration of 21°p, an alcohol content of 10%, and a shelf life of 10 years. Ten overall champions jointly brewed this "unique" Chinese barley spirit!

大师杯 拾 中式大麦烈酒