Lervig Loudspeaker Session IPA Pale Ale (500ml)

by Lervig
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Style: Session IPA Pale Ale
Brewed by: Lervig
ABV: 5.2%

We like House Parties here in Norway…
But no House Party is complete without a decent Loudspeaker.
Brewed with Galaxy and Enigma to give it that unmistakable hop forward tropical citrus fruit flavour and light malt with flaked oats for that full bodied but not too heavy mouthfeel

乐威 扬声器 淡色艾尔
在挪威,我们喜欢家庭聚会......但是没有一个像样的扬声器,家庭聚会就不完整。这款Loudspeaker Pale Ale使用了银河(Galaxy)和英格玛(Enigma)两种啤酒花酿造,具有突出的啤酒花热带柑橘水果味,燕麦片使酒体更加饱满,口感不太醇厚。