Kyoto Kuromame Ale

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Kyoto "Kuromame" Ale
Hops: Hallertau & Nugget

ABV: 5.0%
Brewery Location: Kyoto Prefecture
Style: Ale
Nose: Roasted black soybean aroma.
Flavor: Smoky earthy flavor of Kuromame black soybean
Food Pairings: Beef jerky, Sausages
Tasting Notes: This is a completely unique dark ale that is full, savory, smoky, and made with 100% Kyoto Black Soybeans (Kuromame), giving it a rich and delicious roasted flavor and aroma.

Size: 330ml
Brewery: Kizakura Co. Ltd.
Founded: 1995 (Beer) 1925 (Kizakura Sake)
Profile: One of the first craft beer brewers in Japan is Kizakura Co, a Kyoto-based brewery that's one of Japan's top sake producers. Kizakura started making beer back in 1995, using the same clear, pure water they've been using to make their sake.