Van Honsebrouck Kasteel Blond (330ml)

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Style: Belgian Ale
Brewed by: Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck (Emelgem, Belgium)
ABV: 7.0% 

Kasteel Blond fits into the rich tradition of Belgian blonde beers with its predominantly fruity aroma and a beautiful balance between hops and malts in the glass. This beer makes for an excellent thirst-quencher, however, it also has enough complexity to make it a degustation beer full of character. Kasteel Blond is beautifully balanced, with malty aromas complemented by hints of fruit from the yeast. The initial taste is slightly sweet with added fruitiness and hop bitters. The finish is mild.

城堡 卡斯特 金
将Kasteel blond归为传统比利时blond啤酒,源于其显著的水果香味和酒花与麦芽香味之间的绝美平衡。此款啤酒为畅饮佳品,但足够的复杂性使之异于其它啤酒。 Kasteel blond绝美的平衡,麦芽香味辅以发酵而成的水果香味,入口时微甜伴有酒花苦味,落口柔美。