Van Honsebrouck Kasteel Barista Chocolate Quad (330ml)

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Style: Belgian Strong Ale
Brewed by: Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck (Emelgem, Belgium)
ABV: 11.0% 

The name ‘Barista’ conjures thoughts of the fragrance of steaming coffee below a layer of expertly created froth. This may sounds rather far-fetched for a beer... However, the aromas and the flavours of caramel, cacao and roast malt match seamlessly with the ‘black gold’ and chocolate. This beer builds bridges with the world of hot beverages, with warming alcohol in the finish. One to enjoy all the year round: with a meal, in front of an open fire or on an outdoor terrace.

城堡 卡斯特 咖啡巧克力四料
这支其实就是Kasteel Winter,只不过改名推出新包装。这是一款比利时修道院四料,他们通常都是高酒精浓度、重口味的啤酒,不过特别的是其在酿制过程中添加了比利时巧克力和咖啡。不过不要小看他美味的外表下可是包覆了高达11%的酒精,一不小心就会醉!所以说比利时啤酒真的很邪恶,动不动就破10%,却完全喝不出来。