Hop Nation The Heart Pale Ale (375ml)

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Style: Pale Ale
Brewed by: Hop Nation Brewing Co (Footscray, VIC, Australia)
ABV: 4.6% / IBU: 138

This Pale Ale is definitely at the heart of our Footscray brewery. Pouring a golden straw colour with a lacing head. Floral and citrus hop aromas make for an inviting and crisp take on this infamous style.

酒花民族 酒花之心 淡色艾尔
这款酒的名字是The Heart,一方面表示了酒花是它的心脏,一方面也表示了它是我们的一款力作。美妙的蕾丝边泡沫下面是稻草色的酒液,花卉和柑橘的香气让这款清爽的啤酒更具有吸引力。