Hop Nation The Chop American IPA (375ml)

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Style: IPA
Brewed by: Hop Nation Brewing Co (Footscray, VIC, Australia)
ABV: 7.0% / IBU: 210

Not tied to any coast or fixed style, this American IPA is our chopped up take on a variety of IPA’s hailing from the USA.
Pouring a hazy straw colour THE CHOP carries big citrus and tropical notes, finishing with a mild balanced bitterness.

酒花民族 劈砍 美式IPA
这是我们产品线的新成员,The Chop是一款美式风格IPA,酒精度为7%。和任何的海岸或固有风格不相关,这款美式IPA是我们对各种来自美国IPA的抨击。它具有浑浊的稻草色酒液,伴有浓郁的柑橘和热带气息,余味有着温和而平衡的苦味。