Honey Panda's Greetings MiMi Beer Pure Dark Chocolate Stout 蜜蜜®啤純黑朱古力世濤黑啤 (330ml)

by MiMi
Style: Stout
Brewed by MiMi (Hong Kong)
ABV: 6.5%

MiMi® Beer Pure Dark Chocolate

"First craft beer brand has awarded the Hong Kong Emerging Brand Awards 2019"

Ingredients: Malted Barley, Hops, Water, Yeast, CHOCONEXT Selected Dark Chocolate

Tomy’s Tasting Note
Abundant dark chocolate aroma, mixed together with the fragrance from beautifully roasted coffee, dried plums and dried blackberries. Opaque black in colour with nice brown head. Smooth in the palate, has dominant dark chocolate flavour; high in density and is full-bodied; has a little caramel flavour and sourness that balance out the bitterness of the dark chocolate and has a long aftertaste. For a moment, it feels like you are really enjoying a dark chocolate drink!

Product Story
Panda MiMi was attracted by the spectacle of a magnificent sleeping-volcano-shaped chocolate being merged with the dark beer. When surfing on the fragrant and smooth Chocolate Stout, the explosive feeling is super cool and exciting! From a sudden inspiration, Lion BeeBee decided to use CHOCONEXT dark chocolate to brew this "Pure Dark" Chocolate Stout. Let's get fascinated by the black beauty!

蜜蜜®啤 – 純黑朱古力 世濤黑啤