Holgate Norton Lager (330ml)

by Holgate
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Style Lager
Brewed by Holgate Brewhouse (Woodend, VIC, Australia)
ABV : 4.3%

This Australian dry-hopped lager is a communal beer brewed to be enjoyed by all. Let it remind us of simpler, friendlier times when people had more freedom – and were able to enjoy cruising on their classic bike in sand-shoes, shorts, t-shirt and no helmet!
"Cheers, Dad, for the inspiration ’to have a crack’!" Brewed with Ella and Vic Secret Hops.

霍尔盖特 诺顿 清亮型拉格
保罗·霍尔盖特的父亲——伯尼先生,是一个真正的冒险家,他喜欢骑着他的诺顿摩托到处冒险。这款“诺顿拉格”(Norton Lager) 的酿造就是为了向伯尼先生致敬的。他坚持爱好的精神也激励了酒厂创始人保罗和塔什,从而使他们在 1999 年建立了霍尔盖特啤酒厂。在酿造时使用了澳大利亚自产的啤酒花和麦芽将这种经典德式拉格变成了人人都能享用的终极赛松。