Holgate Brewhouse Temptress Chocolate Porter (330ml)

by Holgate
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Style: Porter
Brewed by: Holgate Brewhouse (Woodend, VIC, Australia)
ABV: 6.0% / IBU: 31

Temptress – a Brown Porter infused with cocoa and whole vanilla beans – is a luscious winter warmer that has garnered a cult following since release in 2008.
The Porter style has its origins in 18th century London where it was a dark malty brew for the working classes before pale malt and pale beer was possible through advances in technology. Founder Paul Holgate loved the history and taste of the Porter style and it was a favourite home brew in the Holgate household during the early 1990s. Paul’s classic Porter recipe was redesigned in 2008 with the Holgate brewing team bringing in an inspired addition of rich cocoa and whole vanilla beans to an already robust brew. Temptress has become a cult favourite with craft beer connoisseurs across the nation and regularly wins medals and trophies. Temptress also ranks highly on critics’ top-beer lists. This beer is a perfect accompaniment to meat pies and chocolate-based desserts.

2015 Trophy for Best Porter:
Australian International Beer Awards2015 Gold:
Australian International Beer Awards2010 Gold:
Australian International Beer Awards2010 Silver: Wellington

霍尔盖特 魅惑 波特