Holgate Brewhouse Mt Macedon Pale Ale (330ml)

by Holgate
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Style: Pale Ale
Brewed by: Holgate Brewhouse (Woodend, VIC, Australia)
ABV: 4.5% / IBU: 13 

A popular favourite with broad appeal, our Australian Pale Ale showcases all-Australian malts and hops.
Mt Macedon dominates the landscape overlooking the Holgate brewery. It’s massive, moody and magnificent – not to mention insanely popular with tourists and locals alike. It’s no wonder they named it after our beer!Mt Macedon Pale Ale was first brewed in 2001 and was our 3rd beer to be released since start-up in 1999. Designed to be a refreshing, everyday pale ale with a balanced malt and hops profile with bright and fruity aromas from a mix of Australian hop varieties.

2016 Gold: Asia Beer Cup
2016 Silver: Australian International Beer Awards
2010 Silver: International Beer Challenge London
2007 Silver: Australian International Beer Awards
2003 Gold: Australian International Beer Awards

霍尔盖特 马其顿 淡色艾尔
马其顿山支配着整个霍尔盖特啤酒厂的俯瞰景色。它是如此巨大,多变和壮丽,游客们和本地居民疯狂地喜爱它。这款以马其顿山命名的澳大利亚淡色艾尔酿造时使用了澳大利亚瀑布边长大的艾拉酒花和黄玉酒花(Ella and Topaz)。酒体呈美丽的蜂蜜般的金色,酒头如奶油般细腻,中等酒体,层次丰富。