Holgate Brewhouse Alpha Crucis (330ml)

by Holgate
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Style: Pale Ale - American
Brewed by: Holgate Brewhouse (Woodend, VIC, Australia)
ABV: 5.5% / IBU: 50

A fruity and resinous IPA using the best and “brightest” Australian hops and malt, and so named after the brightest star in the Southern Cross Constellation.
From the early days of Holgate Brewhouse the finishing hops were almost exclusively imported due to the lack of locally grown hops with character. Thankfully, the Australian brewing and hop scene has come of age and the local hop growers run an awesome breeding program to develop innovative hop varieties.This Australian IPA is born out of a love affair with the new breed of great new hops coming from Hop Products Australia that saw us brew up a series of Australian-hop driven single hop IPAs in our experimental Tank 9 series. Alpha Crucis uses the knowledge we gained from our experiments to highlight the incredible attributes of these ripper Aussie hops. Built from a very simple malt bill of Australian malts we let the hops shine to create an Antipodean IPA suitable for our climate.

霍尔盖特 南十字座阿尔法星 IPA
这款澳大利亚IPA完全使用澳大利亚的啤酒花和麦芽酿造。它按照单一酒花IPA的实验,以黄玉(Topaz)和维克秘密(Vic Secret)啤酒花为特色,并添加了些许艾拉(Ella)和银河(Galaxy)啤酒花,全加在“非常简单”的麦芽上面。最终呈现出“热带甜水果和诱人柑橘的合奏,让人联想到菠萝、芒果、柠檬和葡萄柚”,听起来十分美好。仅有的5.5%酒精度伴随着受限的苦味,是一款会让人想要再次饮用的IPA。