Hi-Wire Bed of Nails Brown Ale

by Hi-Wire
Hi-Wire Bed of Nails Brown Ale
Style Brown Ale
Brewed by Hi-Wire Brewing
Asheville, North Carolina
6.1% ABV

Bed of Nails is crafted as an American ode to a traditional English brown. A light hop addition balances the natural sweetness present in the specialty malt. This beer’s delicate body and dry finish allow flavors of toffee and dark fruit to shine through.

HOPS: UK First Gold, Willamette | YEAST: Ale Yeast | COLOR: Ruby Brown


Mild nuttiness, light caramel and toffee.


Notes of fig, plum and toffee are rounded out by a hint of citrus brightness, and mild grassy, earthy hops. Low residual sugar with a dry finish. Absent of the roast character found in most American browns.


A dry brown with low residual sweetness and lingering flavors of toffee and dark fruit.