Heartlander Stout (330ml)

by RedDot

Style: Stout
Brewed By: RedDot Brewhouse (Singapore)
ABV: 5

“This creation was inspired when I was making some Malay kueh during the down period; I had to go to the market to hunt for grounded fresh coconut. From there, my team and I started using coconut as one of the key ingredient theme to represent our island home.

We have decided to go with roasted coconut as I think of the past 1.5 years. Many Singaporeans have been “roasted” to some degree, at some point and despite the ups and downs, we are still here, standing and better than before. The hint of burnt unique flavour only serves to remind me that Roasting brings out the best of the coconuts and I think of our Singapore spirit as well.”

Toasted coconut | hazelnut | medium-bodied | roast | coffee | dark ripe fruits