Heartlander Lager (330ml)

by RedDot

Style: Lager
Brewed By: RedDot Brewhouse (Singapore)
ABV: 5

“This is an Oolong tea lager. Inspired by my dialect Hokkien roots. Interestingly, I first had my taste of da Hong pao from a local homegrown bubble tea. I was intrigued.

Many oolong teas tend to have a roasted fragrance and sometimes astringent, so this tea never quite topped my list. It took me time to fine-tune this beer.  Now, this oolong has brought forth an orchid and slightly sweet refreshing aftertaste, complimenting the dryness of the lager.

Hence, this is a tea beer, which presents a orchid fragrance, clean, crisp and extremely easy drinking. Made to pair with local tze char food. This beer represents my Hokkien roots through the oolong tea and the orchid flower through her fragrance.”

Oolong | honey | fruity | floral | pine | easy-drinking | light