Hawkers XPA

by Hawkers
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Hawkers XPA
Style Pale Ale - American
Brewed by Hawkers Beer
Reservoir, Australia
4.6% ABV
35 IBU

A bright and refreshing beer with a big hop presence, delivering layers of tropical, floral, and fruity aromas.

Aroma: Fruity, Floral ● Hops: Enigma, Centennial, Mosaic, Columbus ● Serving Temperature: 4°C ● Serving Glasses: Pint, Stein ● Food Pairing: Sausage, Pizza, Salads, Asian Food ● Cheese Pairing: Camembert, Feta, Aged Cheddar, Triple Cream ● Dessert Pairing: Carrot Cake

Awards: 2018 Australian International Beer Awards - Gold Medal ● 2018 The Indies - Silver Medal