Gweilo Hoppy Wheat 鬼佬 酒花型小麦啤酒 (330ml)

by Gweilo
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Style: Wheat 
Brewed by: Gweilo Beer (Hong Kong)
ABV: 4.2% / IBU: 15

Gweilo Hoppy Wheat is a wheat beer with a difference. We use a wheat forward base with an NEIPA yeast to give this beer a juicy mouthfeel and decadent haze. Tropical piney notes from a dry hop of Vic’s Secret create a light and refreshing wheat beer with a fruitiness that makes you want more.

鬼佬 酒花型小麦啤酒
Gweilo Hoppy Wheat是一款与众不同的小麦啤酒。我们使用了新英格兰IPA酵母对小麦啤酒进行发酵,产生了多汁的口感和淡淡的浑浊酒体。维克秘密(Vic Secret)啤酒花的干投产生了热带松树味,创造了一款清爽可口的充满着水果味的小麦啤酒,会让你感到欲罢不能。