Gweilo American IPA 鬼佬 美式IPA (330ml)

by Gweilo
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Style: American IPA
Brewed by: Gweilo Beer (Hong Kong)
ABV: 6% / IBU: 60

Gweilo American IPA is a tropical hop bomb. We use an insane amount of Simcoe, Chinook and Eureka to create a juicy, citrus explosion. The pale malt base of this IPA allows the hops to steal the limelight and fire up your taste buds.

鬼佬 美式IPA
Gweilo American IPA可以说是一个热带酒花炸弹,我们使用了大量的西姆科(Simcoe)、奇诺克(Chinook)和尤里卡(Eureka)啤酒花,创造出一种多汁的柑橘爆炸风味。淡色麦芽为基础,使得啤酒花成为舞台的焦点,并且点燃你的味蕾。