Get Your Own Brew 喝自己酿的啤酒

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Get Your Own Brew

Author: 高岩
Language: Chinese Simplified

China's first homebrewing guide. A full set of illustrated home brewing processes, professional beer tasting techniques, top ten classic craft beer recipes and many more. Suitable for home brewing enthusiasts and master brewers.

The author Gao Yan (or the "legendary Master Gao") is a pioneer among China's home brewers, and the founder and master brewer of Master Gao Brewery in Nanjing.

《喝自己酿的啤酒》的中国第一部家庭啤酒酿制指南。它介绍了精工啤酒酿酒师的捷径,全套图解家庭酿制过程,专业的啤酒品尝方法 ,十大经典国际著名啤酒配方以及特殊麦芽的简易制作。适合家庭啤酒酿造爱好者,小型啤酒屋酿酒技师以及大型啤酒公司技术人员阅读。