Gage Roads Break Water Australian Pale Ale (330ml)

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Style Golden Ale / Blond Ale
Brewed by Gage Roads Brewing Company (Perth, WA, Australia)
ABV : 4.5% / IBU : 15

A beer best paired with lazy afternoons, watching the sun sink into the ocean from the gateway to Freo: South Mole. Crafted with 100% Australian malts and hops, it’s light-bodied, with subtle bitterness and a hint of citrus.

盖奇路 打破平静水面 澳大利亚淡色艾尔
在一个慵懒的午后,品尝这款“打破平静水面”(Break Water)是绝妙的搭配。躺在椅子上您的思绪徜徉,仿佛是在看着太阳缓缓落下,直至跌进海洋消失不见。在酿造时,酒厂使用了100%的澳大利亚酒花,赋予了它轻盈、干燥的口感。未经过滤的它又显得十分新鲜,别有风味。