Fuerst Wiacek Festbier (440ml)

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Style: Festbier

Brewed by: Fuerst Wiacek, Berlin, Germany
ABV: 5.5%

The Fuerst Wiacek Festbier is a 5.5% vol. strong lager brewed with the hop varieties Spalt Select, Tradition and Mittelfrüh.

In the glass, the Fuerst Wiacek Festbier Lager shimmers in a strong, luminous gold tone and distributes malty and yeasty notes in the nose. The initial taste is super tasty and dominated by grainy notes. With this delicious creation, Fuerst Wiacek have based themselves on the popular classic role models from Bavaria.

You should definitely chill your Fuerst Wiacek Festbier before drinking it. This is the only way you can enjoy the full taste.