Founders Moon Rambler IPA (355ml)

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Style: IPA
Brewed by: Founders Brewing Co.
ABV :6.4%  /  IBU:49

Moon Rambler IPA touches down with a big dose of Azacca, Mosaic and Cascade hops that provide a blast of tropical fruitiness, assisted by a classic foundation of wheat and oats. Milk sugar is added to create a sweet yet slight creaminess; giving it a round mouth feel, remarkably less bitter taste and fuller body than your typical IPA.

Ramble on.

创始者 月球漫步者 IPA
这款Moon Rambler IPA加入了大量阿扎克(Azacca)、马赛克(Mosaic)和卡斯卡特(Cascade)啤酒花,在经典的小麦和燕麦基础上赋予了热带水果味,乳糖则产生了甜味和略微乳脂味。与其他典型IPA相比,这款IPA具有圆润的口感,明显较低的苦味和饱满的酒体。请漫步!