Feral Karma Citra (330ml)

by Feral
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Style IPA
Brewed by Feral Brewing Co. (Baskerville, Australia)
ABV : 5.8% / IBU : 7

American citra hops have been combined with dark malts to produce a smooth brew with chocolate and coffee undertones and a big tropical and citrus aroma. Rumour has it, it may be the lovechild of Barry White and Kamahl.

野性 西楚因果报应 黑色IPA
这款Karma Citra Black IPA使用了美国的西楚(Citra)啤酒花和黑色麦芽酿造,产生了浓郁的巧克力味和咖啡,以及巨大的热带水果香气和柑橘香味。有传言称,这款啤酒可能是Barry White和Kamahl两人的私生子......