Feral Biggie Juice (330ml)

by Feral
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Style: NEIPA
Brewed by: Feral Brewing Co. (Coca-Cola Amatil)
ABV : 6.0% / IBU : 40

Ok, so we’re a little awful on the rhyme front, but we did manage to hustle a Juicy West Coast v East Coast collab brew with Melbourne’s Royston Hotel. Turf wars aside – the Royston crew joined us over in the West to brew a beer teaming with punchy tropical hip hop aromas full of apricot, peaches and passionfruit. Day dreamin in a cloud of haze, this IPA is intentionally cloudy contributing to a creamy mouth feel. This New England style IPA was so notoriously juicy, we’ve decided to launch it in cans, now available all year round!

野性 大型果汁 新英格兰IPA
这款Biggie Juice NE IPA带有包括杏子、桃子和百香果在内的多种多汁热带水果香气和味道,酒体非常浑浊,伴随着顺滑的口感,令人非常愉悦。真是个好宝宝。