Equilibrium Lupus Salictarius Triple IPA (473ml)

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Style: Triple IPA
Brewed by: Equilibrium Brewery (Middletown, NY, United States)
ABV: 10.5%

It was great having Mortalis Brewing come to hang a few weeks ago. We all decided to pay homage to the Hops we use on a daily basis. Lupus Salictarius, which literally translates as “wolf of the willows”, is disputably the first hop plants and is said to be the botanical name immortalized by a famous Roman Philosopher (who is also an extremely tasty West Coast IPA. Respect). Tying into the Latin references Mortalis uses, we decided on a recipe that showcases some of our new favorite hops to pay homage to the OG of hops and Lupus Salictarius was born.

We started off with a base of 2 row, flaked oats and white wheat before adding a giant addition of Citra and Idaho7 in the whirlpool. We dry hopped with some of our favorites; Citra, Nelson, and Galaxy to finish it of with a big bang. This triple is an absolute explosion of tropical dankness. Big guava, sweet tangerine citrus, white grape, and a touch of passionfruit. It has a smooth but prominent chewy mouthfeel and has big notes of our signature EQJuice that really showcases what these hops have to offer. 

稳态 / 凡人 柳树之狼 三倍IPA
很高兴几周前Mortalis能来参加活动。我们都决定向我们日常使用的啤酒花致敬。Lupus Salictarius,字面意思是 "柳树之狼",是有争议的一种酒花植物,据说是由一位著名的罗马哲学家(他也是一个非常美味的西海岸IPA)不朽的植物名称。与Mortalis使用的拉丁文参考文献相联系,我们决定用一个配方来展示我们的一些新的最爱的啤酒花来向啤酒花的老炮致敬,Lupus Salictarius诞生了。我们先用2棱、燕麦片和白小麦作为基础,然后在漩涡中加入了大量的西楚(Citra)和爱达荷7号(Idaho7)酒花。我们干投了一些最喜欢的西楚(Citra)、尼尔森(Nelson)和银河(Galaxy)酒花来完成它。这款三倍是热带潮湿的绝对爆发。巨大的番石榴、甜美的柑橘、白葡萄,还有一丝西番莲的味道。它有一个平滑突出的咀嚼口感,并有我们标志性的多汁,真正展示了这些啤酒花所提供的。