Equilibrium Enso Imperial IPA (473ml)

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Style: Imperial IPA
Brewed by: Equilibrium Brewery (Middletown, NY, United States)
ABV: 8.2%

This is a very important beer to us. The Enso circle is our Brewery’s logo and is a symbol of balance, creation, and life. The impossible task of hand drawing a perfect circle creates the imperfections and details that exactly make the Enso beautiful.

The beauty of imperfection is what drives us to develop, grow, innovate, and improve in a quest for balance and perfection. We could think of no better symbol to represent our work as a craft brewery as we share our journey and our path while we strive for balance and amazing beer. We’re thrilled that you take this journey with us.

We took aspects of our favorite past brews and integrated them to express a single manifestation of Equilibrium. Enso takes the grain bill and fermentation of dHop5, uses a hybrid Citra/Galaxy hopbill of dHop5 and Dreamwave Fluctuation, a touch of lactose like Dreamwave Fluctuation, and applies our energy treatment.

Enso pours a beautiful milky bright yellow with aromas of passion fruit, assorted citrus, pineapple, and sorbet. The flavor has bright notes of passion fruit, melon, and peach all coming together in a creamy lime push pop ending. This beer is soft and drinkable and ends with our signature #EQjuice finish in perfectly balanced form.

稳态 恩索 双倍IPA
我们借鉴了最喜欢的酒款,整合它们来表达一种单一的均衡表现。这款Enso Double IPA采用了dHop5的麦芽配方和酵母,并且使用了dHop5和Dreamwave Fluctuation两个酒款中的西楚(Citra)和银河(Galaxy)两种啤酒花搭配,同时加入了少量乳糖酿造。