Equilibrium CoCo Cream Stout Imperial Pastry Stout (500ml)

Style: Imperial Stout
Brewed by: Equilibrium Brewery (Middletown, NY, United States)
ABV: 11%

After an amazing Paddy’s Day celebration last year, we wanted to bring you an enhanced version of last year's creation and release it with plenty of time to get it to you for your own celebration.

Coco Cream Stout takes our viscous base stout and adds a bigger dose of Irish cream and a generous addition of some of our favorite cacao nibs.

Pouring velvety and decadent, we get melted chocolate shake, yahoo, and sweet cream, followed by flavors of brownie batter laced with Baileys cream liqueur, Mudslides, milk chocolate fudge, and even more Kahlúa cream. Perfect for your own celebration, this beer is great to enjoy as is but could also make a great base for holiday-inspired beer cocktails.