Drakes Island Diaries Barrel-Aged Belgian-style Quadruple (375ml)

by Drakes

Style: Barrel-Aged Belgian-style Quadruple
Brewed by: Drakes Brewing Company (San Leandro, California, United States)
ABV: 13.4%

Formerly Rum Diaries, forced name change by the TTB. Part of the Advanced Oak series, aged in rum barrels for the 2019 release.

Find your way back to paradise with our version of a Caribbean nightcap. Notes of coconut, banana bread, and rum spice meld beautifully with the mild caramel and the coffee-like backbone in this beer. Sip, savor, and get away from it all with Rum Diaries.

French Caribbean Rum Barrels

Two Row, Patagonia Brown, Crystal 140, Carafa Special 3, Extra Pale Premium Pilsner, Vienna Malt

Abbey Ale Yeast

Other Ingredients
Belgian Candi Sugar