Drakes Headzo Strong Ale (375ml)

by Drakes
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Style: Strong Ale
Brewed by: Drakes Brewing Company (San Leandro, California, United States)
ABV: 18.5%

Headzo is an American Strong Ale aged in Bourbon and Port barrels. It's sweet, big, and boozy. Enjoy hints of raisins, plums, and caramel.

This year’s batch of Headzo is the fourth version, and the strongest at 18.5% ABV. The base beer is simple, with a dash of brown malt and caramalt, because the real magic happens in the Bourbon and Port barrels. The high alcohol content enables us to age the beer for an extended amount of time, becoming heavily oxidized, building up melanoidins, and pulling everything out of the oak. This extended aging process transforms the beer into something that falls in between a barleywine and whiskey, and in fact, is reminiscent of a blend of the two.

When describing Headzo, I often compare this beer to Port, and in reality, Headzo probably has more in common with Port than beer. It’s carbonated very low, and I suggest you drink it at room temperature, or at the very most, “red wine temperature.” Headzo is great as a nightcap or an after-dinner digestif. Pour it into small snifters, sip, and enjoy the hints of raisins, plums, and caramel.