Drakes Cult of the Sun Sour Blonde Ale (500ml)

by Drakes
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Style: Sour Blonde Ale
Brewed by: Drakes Brewing Company (San Leandro, California, United States)
ABV: 5.4%

Starting out as a mixed culture sour blonde ale, Cult of the Sun is aged for over a year in Zinfandel Barrels and infused with a healthy dose of California Yuzu and Buddhas Hand Citron. Unique, juicy, bright and floral, this brew is worthy of a cult following.

德雷克 太阳崇拜 酸艾尔
作为一种混合菌株的酸金色艾尔,Cult of the Sun在金芬黛红酒桶中陈酿了一年多,并注入适量的加利福尼亚柚子和佛手香茅。独特、多汁、明亮、花香,这是一款值得追捧的酒。