Deep Creek Waikiki Hibiscus Watermelon Sour (440ml)

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Style: Sour
Brewed by: Deep Creek Brewing Co (Auckland, New Zealand)
4.5% ABV

A limited release from our Tiki Range of fruit cocktail inspired sour beers, Waikiki is reminiscent of summer days with fresh watermelon pulp hand-scooped by our brewers and infused with the savoury notes of the hibiscus flower, which also give the beer a beautiful rosé-like colour.

深溪 怀基基 木槿西瓜酸艾尔
这款限量的Waikiki Hibiscus Watermelon Sour Ale受到了Tiki系列水果鸡尾酒的启发,会让人联想到由我们酿酒师亲手挖取的新鲜夏日西瓜果肉,并且带有美味的木槿花香,同时也为啤酒带来了美丽的玫瑰红色。