Deep Creek Steam Funk Saison (440ml)

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Style: Saison
Brewed by: Deep Creek Brewing Co (Auckland, New Zealand)
ABV: 5.2% / IBU: 35

This Steam Funk edition is brewed with a blend of two Belgian Saison yeasts, but fermented cooler for a crisp, dry, beer with subtle yeast complexity. It's brewed with both NZ and European noble hops to give it a traditional but firm bitterness. There are many interpretations of this beer style but to us it truly is the Pilsner of Belgium and we wanted to make something just as refreshing and easy drinking.

深溪 蒸汽放克 黑色多丽丝柏林酸小麦啤酒
Steam Funk Black Doris Berliner Weisse在酿造过程中加入了纯净多汁的黑色多丽丝李子,产生了浓郁的水果酸味,叠加在了原本的新鲜柑橘风味上,口感相当清爽。