Deep Creek Berrylicious Sour (440ml)

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Style: Sour
Brewed by: Deep Creek Brewing Co (Auckland, New Zealand)
ABV: 4.5

Packed full of Blackberries, cherries and raspberries. Berrylicious is vibrant and juicy, with a perfect mix of sweet and sour berry flavours, balanced with light tartness and subtle floral and earthy overtones. So Berrylicious!

深溪 浆果美味 水果酸艾尔
这款Berrylicious Fruited Sour Ale加入了大量黑莓、樱桃和覆盆子酿造,口感多汁浓郁,带有混合甜酸莓果风味,略微酸味和花香味与泥土气息十分均衡。