Deep Creek Antivirus IPA (440ml)

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Style: IPA
Brewed by: Deep Creek Brewing Co (Auckland, New Zealand)
ABV: 7

Made with love and huge dosings of Mosaic, Idaho 7 and Citra hops, to inoculate this beer with flavours and aromas of tropical fruit, resinous pine and citrus, over a pale malt base.

Disclaimer: This beer will not cure any kind of disease or protect your computer from hackers:-)

深溪 抗击病毒 IPA
这款Antivirus IPA加入了大量的马赛克(Mosaic)、爱达荷7号(Idaho 7)和西楚(Citra)啤酒花,已经爱心酿造而成,在淡色麦芽的基础上,注入了热带水果、树脂松木和柑橘的味道和香气。