CREW Republic 7:45 Escalation (330ml)

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Style: Imperial IPA
Brewed by: CREW Republic Brewery
ABV: 8.3% / IBU: 83

7:45 AM. Your friends have all gone home and the barkeeper is kicking you out because you’re the last one at the bar – again. But you just won’t stop partying! We dedicate this beer to you, who is always the last man standing long after we have all fallen into our beds. You are the hero of the night!

Hops: Columbus, Simcoe, Amarillo, Chinook
Malt: Pilsener, Munich, Crystal

船员共和国 7:45特供
清晨7:45,朋友已经回家,酒保满脸嫌弃,只有你还想再嗨三天三夜,我才是party之王。这款酒就是你的特供,它用到了经典美国酒花Columbus,Simcoe,Amarillo 和 Chinook。