Põhjala Strudel Stout (330ml)

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Style: Imperial Stout
Brewed by: Põhjala (Tallinn, Estonia)
ABV: 11.5%

An imperial stout brewed with apple and Ceylon cinnamon, aged in apple brandy and XO Cognac barrels.

Sweet jam and dark sugar slides down the tongue, with freshly sliced juicy apples joining. Winter spices, dessert wine, and calvados join in and caramelised malt rounds out the palate before a touch of speculoos biscuit splashes over the aftertaste.

Pitch black with a dark brown head.

Rich oven baked apple and pastry tart filling jumps out the glass, with a heady aroma of dried red fruits joining after. Delicate spice and yet more winter apple appears in the nose, before a hint of oak draws you in.

Pilsner zero, Pale malt, Munich malt, Golden naked oats, Aromatic malt, Flaked oats, Rye malt, Cara pale, Carafa 2 special, Amber malt, Red malț, Oat malt, Chocolate rye, Carafa 2, Cara 150, Peated black malt, Special B, Muscavado sugar, Dark sugar

Southern Passion, Columbus, Chinook, Yellow sub, Ceylon cinnamon, Dried apples