Põhjala Virvatuli Gruit Ale (330ml)

Style: Gruit / Ancient Herbed Ale
Brewed by: Põhjala (Tallinn, Estonia)
ABV: 13%

A Vermouth and Scotch Whisky BA imperial fruit brewed with natural Estonian herbs.

Lightly toasted oak mixes with smooth sweet cherry-like vinous notes. Hints of caraway seed, wildflower and aromatic herbs come in before giving way to walnut and even a light touch of smoke. Best enjoyed when standing atop a bog firetower lookout, just after a heavy autumnal rainfall.

Deep chestnut brown with a brief light brown head.

Rich caramelised sugar with redcurrant jam, figs and delicately dried herbs.

Munich, Maris otter low colour, Cookie malt, Aromatic malt, Special B, Heather honey

Elderflower, Heather, St. John’s wort, Marigold, Primula, Linden blossom, Chamomile, Mullein, Vic Secret, Columbus, Hallertau blanc