Põhjala / Mikkeller Sea Fog Gose (330ml)

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Style: Gose
Brewed by: Põhjala (Tallinn, Estonia)
ABV: 8%

An Imperial Gose brewed with sea buckthorn and carrot, in collaboration with Mikkeller.

Thick, juicy sea buckthorn stomps over the tongue, leaving a touch of bitterness lingering before a hint of honey-like sweetness from the carrot joins in. The thick body delivers an almost oven baked carrot earthy quality, with an oily juiciness following it that is washed away with vibrant carbonation, leaving zesty fruity sourness behind.

Pours a rich, think orange with a light brown head.

A freshly-picked carrot sweet earthiness jumps out of the glass first, with fruit and berry undertones and light citrus notes joining in.

Pilsner zero, wheat

Yellow sub, Carrot, Sea buckthorn, Himalayan pink salt, Coriander seeds