Coopers Mild Ale (330ml)

by Coopers
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Style Mild Ale
Brewed by Coopers Brewery (Regency Park, South Australia, Australia)
ABV : 3.5% / IBU :21

Like all of our ales, Coopers Mild Ale is naturally conditioned in the bottle or keg, without the use of any additives or preservatives. To give Mild Ale that distinctive cloudy appearance, make sure to roll the bottle before opening.

库柏斯 淡味麦芽艾尔
这款Coopers Mild Ale使用了精选大麦麦芽和小麦麦芽酿造,没有添加糖。这种传统的风格拥有顺滑的麦芽风味,与自豪的灵伍德(Pride of Ringwood)和萨兹(Saaz)两种啤酒花产生的风味产生了完美的平衡。